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kitsap lan party 2!!!! [06 Feb 2005|04:04am]

Ok, last year was a huge party, in fact it got us in trouble.
So im hosting it in my own apartment.
Last year we also got alot of people with lame computers, so this will not do.

So i need to find out whom on livejournal is showing up, So please call 479 2289 and tell me what games you have.
I will offer some of my games for copy, i have half life2 doom3...and yes even starcraft.

I will be offering some pizza, but this time please chip in...
I dont know when this will be, so i need people to let me know what is best for them.
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look at mandy moore cuz she's hot. [26 May 2004|07:15pm]

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[25 May 2004|12:21am]

ok so this community needs some work..

fucking post something. somebody.
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[16 May 2004|03:04pm]

oh hey bremerton
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I saw you.. [19 Apr 2004|07:40am]

I admit i am both sad and pathetic at the same time, for i am about to pull a seattle weekly move and publish an "i saw you" plea. In hopes i can this time say hello and perhaps start a conversation.

Me: the dork quietly eating carots, while staring blankly out the window of the ferry dock lobby.
I was dressed in my"i could care less, its washington and im fucking cold" oversized jet grind radio go faster sider striped jacket and coast guard pants. oh, and i had an old hat on.
I also looked as though i majorly needed a shave and haircut.

you: short haired, tall,asian, very pretty eyes and very nice skin, dressed in a dark navy hoody and a pair of very dark jeans.
And she smelled nice too.

I know for sure if i were to find this mystery woman, i might have the nerve to say something, instead of burry my head in clancy and scowl at the world.

I mean, could it be that hard to find this person? she did head to seattle on the.....9:30 ferry on sunday? perhaps it was 10:30.....

Do any of you know this woman? If so......say yes....err well, even if i did see her again..im pretty shy..... ill try.
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new dude. [05 Apr 2004|03:47am]

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random! [29 Mar 2004|10:00am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hey tiff can we go to seattle again?? hmm hmm?

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[24 Mar 2004|09:59pm]

i was bored .. i am reading random quotes off something.

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." - Buddha

"In three words i can sum up everything i've learned about life: it goes on."
-robert frost

"Wit is educated insolence." -Aristotle

"I was a fool to believe, a fool to believe. It all ends today, yes it all ends today... Today's the day when dreaming ends."
-Moulin Rouge

"just because you cant always see the stars doesnt mean they are not always there"

"people ask if i believe in forever, and i just laugh, cause the way my lifes going, i don't even believe in tomorrow"

"Everything is always impossible before it works."
- Hunt Greene

"Maybe one day I will shine like the girls who always catch your attention"

"Find a guy who will stay awake ... just to watch you sleep."

"Love is seeing an imperfect person perfectly."

"Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out."

"Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to."

"I dont know the key to success, but they key to failure is trying to please everyone."

"If youre not walking on the edge, then you're taking up too much space."

"Happiness is not having what you want. It's wanting what you have"

wtf.. i.m done.. so bored. so bored.
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[24 Mar 2004|09:32pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

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.san francisco. [19 Mar 2004|11:24am]

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Alright. Here are two completely meaningless photos. [18 Mar 2004|12:11am]



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[17 Mar 2004|05:53pm]

Prepare for the return of TriggerAveSucks!

Perhaps it will become TxAxS. Or TriggerxAvexSucks or TriggerAvexCore.

Meanwhile, read The Onion.
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[16 Mar 2004|02:23pm]

OC book buy back is cheap.

that is all i have to say.
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[15 Mar 2004|09:48pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Why did the tomata blush???
because he saw the salad dressing!

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[15 Mar 2004|09:12pm]

so we started this community.. not sure what its exactly gonna have on it .. but we wanted a place to post pictures and randomness.

so we need people to join.

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mmm seattle <3
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